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White Shadows And Other Wonders

Welcome to My Green Vermont - A Blog by Eulalia Benejam Cobb.
By Eulalia Benejam Cobb

When I woke up this morning, the fields and the yard were completely white–same old, same old–but this time it was frost instead of snow.  The sun shone brightly, and by ten o\’clock the ground was the dull brown of early spring.  But on the northwest side of the house, there are three cone-shaped evergreens, and  on the side opposite the sun, three perfect white cones–their frosty \”shadows\”–stayed on the ground for a while longer.

Saw the first earthworm while weeding the flower bed behind the house.  Saved the tiny weeds for the hens, who fell upon them with delight.  Their yolks will soon take on that deep orange color they get when the hens feed on fresh greens.

Heard the first phoebe.  Every year they nest in our front porch and make a mess, but we don\’t have the heart to kick them out.

Removed the hay mulch from the lavender bushes, all of which appear to have survived the third-snowiest winter on record.  I found creeping thyme and oregano bright green and spreading under six inches of matted hay.  No signs yet of the snow-planted spinach, but I\’m optimistic.

First tick of the season, too.  One of the tiny evil ones, in my arm, sucking my blood.

The dandelions are up, though it will be a while before they bloom.  I think I\’ll make dandelion wine again this year.

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  1. My spinach isn't up yet either, and I'm way ahead of you planting-season-wise. I do have peas and beans and carrots and greens coming up. What gives, spinach?

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