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The Slightest Whiff

Welcome to My Green Vermont - A Blog by Eulalia Benejam Cobb.
By Eulalia Benejam Cobb

It was bright and sunny today, so I took the dogs to the front field at midday. The snow is patchy there, and last summer\’s dried up grass is poking through. I was listening to a pair of chickadees talking to each other on a bare tree when I got a slight, subtle, but unquestionably real whiff of grass warmed by the sun–herbal and sweet, with a hint of vanilla. I couldn\’t believe my nose, so I sniffed again…but it was gone. I walked to a different spot, sniffed–nothing. No matter where I went, I couldn\’t get the scent back. But I know what I smelled, for that split second. I smelled SPRING.

Lexi and Wolfie–lucky dogs–were having a scent-fest. What a riot of sensations a walk in the field must be for them as the earth begins to warm up.

I found a pile of fresh deer droppings. Can it be that the deer are leaving their yards deep in the woods and coming back to our field? There is green stuff peeking out under the dry grass–plantain, for sure, and soon there will be dandelions.

I can\’t wait for dandelions. This year I hope to catch them early enough to make salads. And later I will collect flowers for dandelion wine. And I will take Blossom and Alsiki out of their pen and let them graze to their hearts\’ content, which will be my heart\’s content as well.

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  1. I noticed it, too, just yesterday. I was hiking through the woods and came to an open meadow and just for a moment I caught the sweet grass scent.But more than that, the smell of Spring around here is manure. The farmers have been out in droves spreading the stuff on their fields in preparation for planting. Ah, the smell of home and springtime.

  2. In Vermont we have to wait until later for the parfum de poop. Mud season is in full swing, and the manure spreaders would sink all the way to China if they were to go out into the fields right now.

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