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The New Bisou

Welcome to My Green Vermont - A Blog by Eulalia Benejam Cobb.
By Eulalia Benejam Cobb

Lyrical accounts of the lovableness of children, grandchildren, spouses or pets make less than interesting reading, which is why I don\’t often indulge in them. Today, however, I have got to break that rule or burst–so charming, adorable and smart has Bisou been, since she got over her heat.

First and foremost, and knock on wood, she is completely house trained. After eight months of either having her in a crate, or connected to me by a leash, or under strict supervision–eight months of taking her outside twelve times/day, on leash, in snow, sleet and rain, vainly begging her to do her business–it is astonishing to be able to not think about when she last did P1 or P2, and simply get on with my life.

Personality-wise, she is fast and feisty as ever. When Wolfie and Lexi have one of their play scuffles, which look and sound like the end of the world, Bisou is right there, running in and out from under their legs. One day while the big dogs were in the middle of one of their dramatic encounters I observed Bisou approaching them stealthily, her eyes fixed on something on the ground between them. She went into a kind of Cavalier point, then rushed in and emerged with the big stick in her mouth that had been the topic of the dispute.

She is so fast that I have to be extra careful when distributing treats. One night I went to call the three dogs inside, three treats in my hand. Bisou flew in the door and in a single motion grabbed the treat from my hand. Wolfie was next, but he missed his treat by snapping his jaws prematurely. Before it could hit the floor, Bisou had it. I tried again, with the treat originally destined for Lexi. Wolfie missed again, and again Bisou flew up and got it.

The odd thing is that seconds after being fast and intense and tough as nails, Bisou will melt into a shimmering mound of red and gold \”feathers\” onto whatever part of my anatomy seems coziest at the moment: the crook of my elbow, the crook of my knees, my lap, my chest. When Bisou melts, she melts with all her heart, with a groan and a hum, and makes a big production if I shift positions.

She looks good, too, slim and trim and a deep red color, with gold highlights on her head, ears, and chest. Running on the bright green grass, her long feathers waving behind her, she looks like a miniature Irish Setter.

She\’s a well-adjusted member of the pack, playful with Wolfie, respectful of Lexi, and attached to me. She has become my little red shadow, just the cuddly pup I wanted, her oomph and drive an unexpected bonus.

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  1. I love your word picture of her running across the green grass. Congrats on taming part of her, the part that really needed taming 😉

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