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T Is For Telepathy

Welcome to My Green Vermont - A Blog by Eulalia Benejam Cobb.
By Eulalia Benejam Cobb

Telepathy is not one of my fortes, with some exceptions.   At certain times, my spouse of the last several centuries and I experience uncanny episodes of thinking/saying the same thing at the same time.  It\’s as if the buckwheat hulls that fill our pillows become a conducting medium for our minds.

Otherwise, I\’m neither a transmitter nor a receiver of notions.  If I want somebody to know what I\’m thinking, I pretty much have to come up with some words.  As for receiving, my head is full of thoughts.  I suspect that few of them are my own.  I just don\’t know whose they are.

The couple of books on intuition I\’ve read insist that we are everyone of us intuitive, and capable of sending as well as receiving ideas.  We\’re not, however, attuned to this power, and so it goes unacknowledged and uncultivated.  I want to believe this, since I would like nothing better than to be able to communicate thoughts and feelings without having to go to the trouble, and taking the risk, of putting them into words.  This would simplify many social situations.  If someone was boring me to death by going on about, say, car insurance, I could send a suggestion such as \”Stop already!  Talk about dogs instead.\”

The books advise paying attention to those times when you have achieved some degree of telepathy, however slight.  Somehow, I hardly ever manage to do this, and when I do, I reflexively attribute the event  to coincidence.  But I love hearing other people\’s telepathy stories.  Do you have one?

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  1. With Tim and me, I figure it's just that we have such a shared history that certain outside factors stimulate the same response, and we find we're thinking/saying the same thing at the same time…Of course, in the hypothetical social situation you present, I might be standing right behind you, also totally bored by car insurance, but after hearing your dog suggestion, sending my own suggestion of \”No! Enough about dogs already! Talk about birds!\”

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