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Paper Protest

Welcome to My Green Vermont - A Blog by Eulalia Benejam Cobb.
By Eulalia Benejam Cobb

Ten nasty, persistent women, one (v. nice) man, and a little red dog spent Sunday afternoon writing messages to the President, in anticipation of #TheIdesofTrump. Bisou wrote a card of her own (the one with the paw print), which I will be forwarding for her on Wednesday, March 15.

It was as much fun as a protest march, and warmer, since we were indoors with the gas fire on while outside the wind chill was well below zero. Two stalwart women showed up on foot, so swaddled in coats, boots, hats and scarves that at first I didn\’t recognize them.

A couple of days before the card-writing marathon I went to the Shelburne, Vermont post office and asked for sixty stamped postcards. The clerk said, \”I don\’t think we have any left, but I\’ll check.\” She was gone a while, and when she came back she said \”Nope. Not a single one. People have been buying them for that thing on March 15.\”

I got nervous. Where, if anywhere, would I find sixty stamped postcards? The clerk advised me to try the Charlotte (pronounced a la francaise, Char-lotte) post office. So I drove over, tempering my irritation with chilly views of Lake Champlain on my right.

When I told the Charlotte postman–four-feet tall and with uneven brown teeth, but beautiful to me–what I wanted, he smiled a cunning smile: \”We got wind of what was coming, so we ordered extra.\” Tiny Charlotte, Vermont, voted to impeach Trump at its recent Town Meeting.

\”I want to be prepared. Where will these be going, and when?\” the postman asked, counting cards into little piles. I explained about #TheIdesofTrump, handed him my VISA, and drove back with the slate colored Lake Ch. on my left, to saute chicken livers for pate to sustain the card writers.

In the end, thanks to the Char-lotte P.O., all went swimmingly. We wrote and laughed and planned for the next paper protest (Show Us Your Taxes? Save ObamaCare? Hands-Off Planned Parenthood? Climate Change Is Real?). I\’ll know where to get my stamped cards from now on.

It looks like a promising spring for nasty, persisting women, v. nice men, and little red dogs.

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  1. Just read this–been catching up on several blogs. And it brought back the march in Tucson, the pussy hats I knitted for my friend Ann and me, and the postcard party we organized afterward. Thanks!

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