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In Winter\’s Grip

Welcome to My Green Vermont - A Blog by Eulalia Benejam Cobb.
By Eulalia Benejam Cobb

It\’s cold, cold, cold outside, and will stay that way for several days:  highs in the single digits, lows wherever.

Served the hens a hot breakfast, then went back at noon to give them some sunflower seed treats, which they love, and found them perched on their roosts.  They never roost during the day, but I guess the floor of the shed is too cold for them, despite the foot-thick mattress of hay.

Lexi has been going out with me and the other dogs for walks up and down the driveway these days (the snow on the field and woods is too deep for walking).  Wolfie gets whipped into a frenzy by the chill, which means that he tries to entice Lexi to play by bumping into her–despite my shrieks of \”GENTLE!!!\”–which makes her fall.  Luckily, there is soft snow everywhere for her to fall on, but I still worry that she will get hurt.  On the other hand, I don\’t think that leaving her behind would be good for her spirit, so I usually opt for the physically risky alternative.

Today, however, there was no debate:  at 3F Lexi, in her wisdom, chose to stay inside.

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  1. I doubt that there is perfect weather anywhere on this planet. For me, it's a question of what I'd rather put up with, sustained cold or sustained heat, and since I can always put on another sweater, but cannot peel off my skin, I've opted for cold. Of course lots of people choose the best of both worlds, spending summer and fall here, fleeing south when it gets chilly.

  2. It's not so much the cold as the gray that's making me batty. I'm beginning to just hibernate. Even when it's quite cold, for here, if there is blue sky, I know spring is coming. But gray sky, gray streets and brown grass and leaves are just too subdued for me.

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