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Goats On Grass

Welcome to My Green Vermont - A Blog by Eulalia Benejam Cobb.
By Eulalia Benejam Cobb

The gate of the pen swings open. Blossom and Alsiki mince their way out on their little hooves. Around them are an overgrown lawn, scruffy woods, and fields.

Blossom: Wow! We\’re out. But let\’s do a safety check before we get too far. (Jumps sideways) What\’s THAT!!

Alsiki: It\’s the woodpile. You\’ve seen it before.

Blossom: There\’s that rosebush again. It tasted divine yesterday. Today, I can\’t bear the sight of it.

Alsiki: I\’m going to try a little bit of this honeysuckle. Big mistake–it\’s not ready yet.

Blossom: (standing on her hind legs by the maple tree, trying to reach the leaves) Oh, I wish I were taller!

Alsiki: Here\’s some fabulous half-grown goldenrod.

Blossom: What\’s that leaf you\’re eating? I want it! Give it to me!

Alsiki: No you don\’t! It\’s mine!

(They butt heads a couple of times.)

Blossom: What do you know—here\’s another leaf just like it.

Alsiki: Hey look, some rhubarb! Those big leaves look nice…on second thought, maybe they don\’t.

Blossom: Hark! I think I heard something. Let\’s run for our lives!

(They run up and down the yard a couple of times.)

Alsiki: I can\’t get enough of these spent dandelions.

Blossom: Here is that maple tree again. I wish I were taller….

Alsiki: (looks around anxiously) Where are the chickens? I can\’t see the chickens. What has happened to the chickens?

Blossom: They\’ve gone to bed. And the sun is not where it used to be. The woods look dark. The grass feels cold. Oh please, somebody, let us back into our pen!

(The gate opens and Blossom and Alsiki rush inside.)

Alsiki: Whew! It\’s good to be home. No bears or coyotes inside our little shed.

Blossom: And you know what comes next, don\’t you?

Alsiki: No, what?

Blossom: We get fresh hay, and then we get…

Alsiki: Dessert!

(A dish of grain with molasses appears before them.)

Blossom: (munching) And then what do we do?

Alsiki: (speaking with her mouth full) We chew our cud for a while…

Blossom: And then we sleep.

Alsiki: (purring, her eyes half closed) And tomorrow we do it all over again.

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