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First Salad

Welcome to My Green Vermont - A Blog by Eulalia Benejam Cobb.
By Eulalia Benejam Cobb

Tonight, for the first time since last fall, we\’re having a fresh salad:  lettuce from the transplants I put in a mere two weeks ago, augmented by a bunch of ramps a friend picked and gave me.  Walking the dogs in the woods this morning, found a small ramp plantation of our very own down by the swamp.  Won\’t be getting many from there this year, but it has promise.

The rhubarb is looking positively threatening.  Must harvest some in self-defense.  I tear those huge leaves off the stems and plunk them on top of whatever weeds I want to kill–they make a splendid mulch, green, local, organic, etc.

The baby hens in the basement are getting livelier by the minute.   I\’m afraid any day now they\’ll hop out of their tub, fall to the floor and die of cold/stress/loneliness.  Must put some wire mesh over the tub.

Speaking of which, husband repainted garage post after last night\’s porcupine depredations and put on yet another swath of wire mesh (how high can this critter reach anyway?).  The trap is still out there, salted apples still untouched.  We\’re trying not to resort to staying up all night with a gun.

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  1. I'm in northern CA for a week and anything grows here! But let's name the porcupine and put a spell on it 😉

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