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Concierge Dogs

Welcome to My Green Vermont - A Blog by Eulalia Benejam Cobb.
By Eulalia Benejam Cobb

(Still reading and appreciating your comments;  still unable to respond!)

I just finished a dark novel by Louise Erdrich, Shadow Tag, about artists and Indians, alcohol and fatal passions.  My favorite part had to do with dogs, though.  Here is what she writes:

\”Wherever the family was, these two dogs, both six-year-old shepherd mixes, took up their posts at the central coming-and-going point.  Gil called them concierge dogs.  And it\’s true, they were inquisitive and accommodating.  But they were not fawning or overly playful.  They were watchful and thoughtful.  Irene thought they had gravitas.\”

My two shepherds, Wolfie and Lexi, each have their posts.  Lexi\’s is on the first floor (she seldom makes it up the stairs these days) right at the intersection of the paths between the kitchen, living room, and back porch.  This means that we have to step over her a dozen times every day, and that periodically Wolfie and Bisou get \”stuck\” behind her, and whine helplessly until one of us calls out \”Lexi, stop that.\”  I have never seen any external signs of what \”that\” is–no growling or hair bristling–but she gives off waves of something that the other two clearly understand.

Wolfie\’s post is at the top of the stairs, equidistant from my husband\’s study and mine, so that as we go from one to the other we have to step over him, a dozen times a day.  Sometimes when he\’s at his post and I\’m in my study, Bisou will get \”stuck\” at the bottom of the stairs, and I have to say \”Wolfie, get over here and let Bisou up.\”  I guess he gives off waves too.

Bisou\’s post is wherever I am, preferably on top of me.

Do you have a concierge dog?  Do other breeds besides German Shepherds have posts?  Where is your dog\’s post?

3 Responses

  1. Most often the post is wherever the dog bed is, or where the window is. Although sometimes Cricket will position herself at the door of the kitchen (so yes, we have to step over her to get anywhere else in the house), she usually stays on her bed by the window. I think the outside world is more interesting to her than our comings and goings!

  2. Bain's post is five feet from the front door. He lets everyone know that he's got our backs. Even when we go upstairs to sleep, he stays by the door.

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