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All Is White

Welcome to My Green Vermont - A Blog by Eulalia Benejam Cobb.
By Eulalia Benejam Cobb

A couple of hours of big flakes yesterday, and now at last everything is white–the hills, the roads, the meadows.  Time to get the driveway cleared, time to sweep the steps, time to watch where you step.

Stick season is finished.  Even though the days will grow shorter until the 21st of the month, the darkest part of the year is over now that the snow is on the ground, because all that white reflects and magnifies whatever light the gray sky has to offer. That is why I can get geraniums to bloom indoors in Vermont as they never did in Maryland, where the ground stayed brown until spring.

Christmas is barreling towards us.  I have made the best arrangements ever for the dogs at a B&B run by Bisou\’s breeder (hereThe hens will be diligently cared for by a neighbor who specializes in pet-sitting.

The humans are the only ones left to deal with.  What will make each of them feel loved and cared for?  The size and quality of the gifts is the obvious answer, the one that every retailer propounds.  But it is not the real answer, not the answer that I seek as I put on my boots to take the dogs out, and as I shake the snow off my boots and bring the dogs back inside.

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  1. the humans are smart enough to already know they are loved and cared for. safe travels.and i love that you can get geraniums to bloom in december.

  2. Yes, that's one of our six seasons here (the other unusual one being mud season, in March). Stick season begins in late October when the leaves fall off the trees and lasts until the first snow. So called because all you can see is gray sticks poking up out of the gray ground, under the gray sky.

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